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She~Wolf: Momma Wolf and friend
by Thanos

I had met She~Wolf when I was in a group called "WolfCry" which, was at the time on the Egroups address before greedy Yahoo decided that yahoo clubs was not enough.
I am a Wolf and wolf lover and I was looking for a outlet to show my care and admiration for wolves and the group name "WolfCry" intrigued me. So, I decided to subscribe and see what the group was all about.
My first impression was not a good one since my arrival for some reason sparked a "flame" from a so-called "lone wolf". She~Wolf apparently shared my disgust and started a pack of her own called "kindred-of-the-wolf-spirit" in response to the hell that was going on in the present group, and invited me to join her.
Sick of the flames, I agreed and subscribed to her group, finding out that indeed, things were a lot better. She~Wolf considered herself Alpha or pack Mother and rightfully so. I noticed how much of a caring individual she is. For example, if a member left the group, she would ask why. If one of us had problems, she would be the one to talk to.
I noticed this fact myself when I was going through the occasional "personal" problems myself and how she took the time to email me personally to see if I was okay. I adore her much for her kindness so much so, I made sure I returned the same care and kindness she gave me when her brother died and she withdrew into depression.
She is also a good friend as well because recently we've exchanged gifts between us. A while ago, I copied a Kokopelli album I discovered and in return, I received 3 great meditation and drum Cds.
She is without a doubt my Momma Wolf. I have rarely met a person like her and I am glad that she is my friend and Pack Mother.
The pack she has creates seems to be a close-knit pack which I wholeheartedly enjoy. I have on occasion re-visited the WolfCry group and though they have more members, the communication we have with each other is a lot better.
 I owe much to She~Wolf. I will also give her thanks on a more personal level since it was her Cds that helped keep me sane and helped in my reawakening.
She will always be my Momma Wolf and I am honored to be her son. She has earned so much respect, love, and admiration in my opinion. I am glad that I have the chance to not only be her son and in her pack, but to have her as a friend.