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Brock is the fourth kitten. He is all black and probably the rowdiest one of the bunch.  He entered the world at 7:54. The minute he was free of the sack, he roared well it was a meow, but a roar for a newborn kitten, and headed  straight for a teat!

Date Weight Note
Sept 14th 2002 150 grams Noticed left is half opened. 
Sept 19th 2002 200 grams Both eyes are now open.  Has a tendency to squabble with Maven over the same teat.
Sept 29th 2002 220 grams Learning to walk and purr now. Cries loudly when separated from littermates.
Oct 3rd 2002 350 grams Sleeps the most of all the kittens, learning to play with his brothers.
Oct 10th 2002 400 grams He has developed a taste for litter. Weird. Plays more with Maven than the other two.
Oct 17th 2002 600 grams Has gotten over the taste for litter. Possibly leaving for his new home on  Sunday the 27th. I am not looking forward to any of them leaving.
Oct 25th 2002 600 grams Sadly this will be the last time he is weighed by me as he is going to his new home tonight.

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