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Jango adopted us around 4 months ago. She was just skin and bones.  As a stray cat she was literally starving when she happened to scratch upon on our front door waking me up at 6:30 am., Jango was fed outside  twice a day. Every morning up until about a month ago. We thought her to be a tom at the time, until I thought he was getting fat, so I reached under and felt for nipple and thought they were quite large so we set up the spare room and decided that he must be a she..  That is how it all began.

It started around 2 am on  the 12th of September when her water broke. We had to change the bed sheets twice as she decided that she had to be near me on the bed.  I didn't know what was happening at the time, the one thing I did know is that she wouldn't leave my side. No matter where I went Jango was right behind me. If I went downstairs she would sit at the top and meow.   She had meowed and paced all night. I got around 2 hours sleep, the hubby got 3  three. She finally managed to come downstairs, I thought she had finally settled down as she was under my computer desk, laying quietly,  she had been in labour for 13  hours. before the first one popped out, under my computer desk.


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