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Maven is the second born, and the runt of the litter,  he entered this world at 4:04 pm.  Jango was so worn out from giving Nimble life that she neglected Maven at first. She opened the birth sack and cleaned his face, but that was really it. He didn't breath for nearly 10 minutes so I took a clean  towel and proceeded to rub him to help stimulate and dry him off.  Then my lovely husband manage to get some cat milk into him using a syringe.  He is doing well with his siblings even though  sometimes he needs a point in the right direction to the nearest teat.


Date Weight Notes
Sept 14th 2002 120 grams No change, bought kitten milk (Sept 15th) to help him along. Wont drink kitten milk but Jango loves it.
Sept 19th 2002 190 grams  Squabbles with Brock over a teat.
Sept 29th 2002 210 grams Eyes open,  another quiet one when held, not quite walking like he should but he is the smallest and it is to be expected.
Oct 3rd 2002 310 grams Most playful of all. He is holding his own against his bigger brothers. More pics taken. Likes to have his belly rubbed.
Oct 10th 2002 390 grams Likes chicken more than rabbit.
Oct 17th 2002 500 grams Spends time with us in bed, seems to be building his confidence a bit, spends time on his own napping. First to climb up on the electric fire. He is brave on his own, but sometimes tends to back down when his siblings are around. Maven is my husband's kitten, even though I look after them all. We're keeping him.
Oct 25th 2002 700 grams He is doing remarkably well. Likes his mother's dry food more than the kitten dry food. Took some really good pictures, I hope they turn out well.
Oct 31st 2002 800 grams Starting to eat Go-Cat for kittens, didn't like Whiskas. Fireworks dont bother him at all. Not even the ones that sound like bombs exploding. Likes to start a wrestling match but when it gets too rough he runs to us. 
Nov 7th 2002 No change Is starting to purr when scratched behind the ears.


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