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Nimble is the first born, he entered the world at 2:54 pm. He is silver/grey in colour with light racing stripes along his spine.

Date Weight Notes
Sept 14th 2002 160 grams  
Sept 19th 2002 210 grams Very noisy when away from his litter mates.
Sept 29th 2002 270 grams Walking and purring,  is the loudest one of them all when away from his littermates. Pictures were taken this morning,
Oct 3rd 2002 350 grams Has quieted down when held. he likes poking his head over the side of the box. So cute!
Oct 10th 2002 450 grams Out of the nest and started on moist food.
Oct 17th 2002 600 grams Wildest of the boys,  he likes to play in the litter box. Roughhouses with Puzzle a lot of the time. Has a new toy, he and Brock like to ride on the carpet sweeper. Pictures taken. He will be going to the same home as Brock. They will have good homes.
Oct 25th 2002 800 grams I am gonna miss him, sadly this will be the last time I weigh him as well. 


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