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Puzzle  is the third born. He  is a silver/grey tabby. He entered the world at 5:00 pm.

Date Weight Notes
Sept 14th 2002 160 grams  
Sept 19th 2002 210 grams  Eyes opened.
Sept 29th 2002 290 grams Very quiet, even when away from his littermates,  doesn't mind being held and is learning to purr and walk. Recognizes my voice.
Oct 3rd 2002 350 grams Follows my finger around the nest. Has the cutest little tuffs of fur on the sides of his chin. Kinda of like a mane.
Oct 10th 2002 420 grams Is a bully along with Nimble, like his grey brother he tends to eat a lot. Photos taken today. Had his first semi-bath, he had some poo stuck to his hind leg and foot.
Oct 17th 2002 580 grams Had a scuffle this week with Maven. Seems like they were fighting for a position in the litter hierarchy. First to climb up the stairs today.  My kitten. The other one that is staying.
Oct 25th 2002 700 grams Hopefully he will calm down a bit when two of the kittens are gone. 
Oct 31st 2002 850 grams Hasn't calmed down. He panics when held, but only if Maven is being held at the same time. I have the proof on my hands and one arm. Talks more then Maven. Will sample any food when put in front of him. He doesn't mind fireworks either. Made Shanzi (our 5+ year old cat) back down when they came face to face. But Shanzi is a very timid cat to begin with.
Nov 7th 2002 no change Is getting better about being held. Likes to sleep under the blankets.


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