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BADASS2722: hi
Auto response from Shanzi: I am away from my computer right now. 
Shanzi: Um hi 
BADASS2722: u wanna roleplay 
Shanzi: Sure 
BADASS2722: what do u like 
BADASS2722: u wanna 3 way 
Shanzi: Cyberpunk, Planescape... Vampire: The Masquerade 
BADASS2722: would u be like a domme vampire 
Shanzi: You got dice? 
BADASS2722: like dice in a game 
Shanzi: What do you mean Domme vampire, is that Prince of the clan? 
BADASS2722: nah like u be a dominatrix/vampre 
BADASS2722: vampire 
Shanzi: What does dominatrix have to do with roleplaying? 
BADASS2722: arent u gonna like have sex 
Shanzi: You asked me if I wanted to roleplay.. 
BADASS2722: yea when u roleplay u have sex online 
Shanzi: No there is a better way to roleplay that doesnt require sex... If you need to have sex online you must lead a very sad lonely life. 
You want to sex play, big difference from roleplaying.. 
Shanzi: I dont need sex online I get all I need from my husband.