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BC25: hi
MassassiC: Hello 
BC25: how are you? 
MassassiC: I'm okay, and you? 
BC25: im good 
BC25: hows your morning going? 
MassassiC: Slowly 
BC25: why? 
MassassiC: Haven't gotten out of bed yet 
BC25: lol 
BC25: feeling horny? 
MassassiC: Excuse me? 
BC25: is that why your in bed? 
MassassiC: No, it's because I work nights and have only just woke up 
BC25: ohh... sorry 
MassassiC: What made you just come out and ask that? 
BC25: dont know????? 
MassassiC: Well then why did you get in touch with me? 
BC25: a bit horny and was looking for an older woman to have a fun chatt with.... im sorry for wasting your time and offending you 
MassassiC: Well what about this Erin mentioned so prominantly in your profile? 
BC25: we split about a month ago 
MassassiC: Well shouldn't you update your profile to reflect that? And how old do you think I am? 
BC25: late 20's -30's 
MassassiC: I'm just wondering how you came to that conclusion without an age or birthdate listed in my profile? 
MassassiC: And as for the horny bit, was it the "roleplaying" part of my profile that sparked that? 
BC25: your profile just seemed that of a woman in that age not 100% sure 
BC25: yea 
MassassiC: Right, so the mention of "Planescape (see roleplaying)" didn't make you wonder exactly what Roleplaying meant? 
BC25: and england... i love your accents 
BC25: im sorry

What a very sad lad... indeed.