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Brent Denny 18: Hi i'm brent male 18
Shanzi: How can I help you?
Brent Denny 18: what kind of roleplay do you like?
Shanzi: The right kind.

Brent Denny 18: Ok
Shanzi: What do you like?
Brent Denny 18: Erotic roleplay
Shanzi: Oh you like the sad lonely kind of roleplay.
Shanzi: What's wrong cat got your tongue?

Brent Denny 18: Well you don't like the roleplay i'm into
Shanzi: Because I have a husband and dont need to get my jollies online, besides sex roleplay gives 'real' roleplayers a bad name.
Brent Denny 18: ok
Shanzi: I mean just because it says roleplay. People automatically think sex. That is just wrong and very sad.
Shanzi: People who need to do that kind of roleplay (on-line or off) are very sick and need professional help.
Shanzi: You have gone quiet, did I upset you?
Brent Denny 18: well yea
Shanzi: What because I am stating the truth?
Shanzi: Talk...

Shanzi: Did you actually think I was gonna sex roleplay with you?
Brent Denny 18: no just asking
Shanzi: Why ask if you dont think your gonna get lucky?
Brent Denny 18: just curious
Shanzi: Why?
Brent Denny 18: cuz i was is that ok jeus your not into roleplay fine i wanted to know now i know don't give me a lecture about it goodbye
Shanzi: But I am into roleplay just the not the sex kind is all. Do you like the other kind of roleplay?

Brent Denny 18: never mind i'm busy reading some info on bye
Shanzi: Have fun.
Shanzi: What are you reading at the website? Does it say when HHH is coming back. He rocks!
Brent Denny 18: no it doesn't
Shanzi: What you reading then?

Brent Denny 18: just going through vince mcmahon's videos
Shanzi: Should I go away?
Brent Denny 18: yes
Shanzi: Fine, I shall return to my wonderful happy life and leave you to your sad sex starved online life.