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Dixie Pride 2004: h
SheWolfieXIII: Hi 
Dixie Pride 2004: how are you today 
SheWolfieXIII: I am fine, and you? 
Dixie Pride 2004: good 
Dixie Pride 2004: age/name? 
SheWolfieXIII: Why is that important?? 
Dixie Pride 2004: it's not, but what shall i call you? 
SheWolfieXIII: SheWolf is fine
Dixie Pride 2004: yes SheWolf, i'm david, do you have any pictures? 
SheWolfieXIII: Nah I dont have a scanner. 
Dixie Pride 2004: would you like mine? 
SheWolfieXIII: Sure 
Dixie Pride 2004: what do i get in return since you don't have a pic? 
Dixie Pride 2004: ? 
SheWolfieXIII: My sincere gratitude. 
Dixie Pride 2004: hmmmmmm.... i don't just hand out my pics, c'mon, a lil more personal 
SheWolfieXIII: Personal?? 
SheWolfieXIII: What do you mean? 
Dixie Pride 2004: do you play online? 
SheWolfieXIII: I play EverQuest online. 
SheWolfieXIII: Is that what you mean? 
SheWolfieXIII: Hello are you there? 
SheWolfieXIII: Did I say something wrong?? 
SheWolfieXIII: I thought you wanted to talk... sorry for having bothered you. 
Dixie Pride 2004: sorry, my comp froze i'm back 
Dixie Pride 2004: now do you know what roleplay is? 
SheWolfieXIII: I do roleplay. 
Dixie Pride 2004: as in? 
SheWolfieXIII: Cyberpunk, Planscape, and stuff like that. 
Dixie Pride 2004: do you know what cyber is? 
SheWolfieXIII: No what is cyber? 
Dixie Pride 2004: cyber sex? 
SheWolfieXIII: Cyber Sex?? What does that have to do with roleplaying? 
Dixie Pride 2004: bye, your to young 
SheWolfieXIII: Your too funny... if you only knew.. 
Dixie Pride 2004: what? 
SheWolfieXIII: I wanna know what cyber sex has to do with roleplaying?? I am 32 by the way. 
Dixie Pride 2004: there is a type of cyber sex called roleplaying 
SheWolfieXIII: Roleplaying is very different from sexplay. Please dont insult us true roleplayers. 
SheWolfieXIII: Sorry to disappoint you. You will have to get your rocks off elsewhere. Loser.