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Exlibrismortis: only teasing u
Exlibrismortis: or am i
Shanzi: What did you wanna talk about?
Exlibrismortis: u
Exlibrismortis: what turns u on
Shanzi: My husband.
Exlibrismortis: whats he like
Shanzi: Why do you wanna know?
Exlibrismortis: u got a pic of his cock
Shanzi: Why would I show you a pic of his cock? That is something I dont share with anybody.
Exlibrismortis: show me ur pussy then
Shanzi: Why whould I do that?
Exlibrismortis: cause it would turn me on
Shanzi: Why would I wanna turn you on, I dont even know you.
Exlibrismortis: this is to hard bye
Shanzi: I am just one of the few who gets sex in real life unlike those really sad despirate people who need to find it online.
Exlibrismortis: my gf is licking my pussy right now
Exlibrismortis: so good night
Exlibrismortis: thanks
Shanzi: Bullshit! If she's there get yer ass offline and return the favor to her.

Exlibrismortis: shes a slave and she does whats shes told
Shanzi: Thats really sad.
Exlibrismortis: why
Shanzi: Men should be slaves not woman.
Exlibrismortis: wrong all weak people are slaves
Shanzi: Men make better slaves. Men are weaker.
Exlibrismortis: weak people are weak its not a sex thing
Shanzi: I would never have a woman slave, men are more fun to put down.
Exlibrismortis: its a personnal thing.
Shanzi: Male slaves would always be a sex thing for me.
Exlibrismortis: dont u fancy trying women
Shanzi: If I was single, I would, I like being with women too.
Exlibrismortis: u got a pic
Shanzi: Not online I dont. Why would you want of me anyway?
Exlibrismortis: sorry u dont get it do u bye
Shanzi: I get it from my husband and that is enough for me.
Exlibrismortis: u sure
Shanzi: yes, I am sure. Why do you ask?
Shanzi: I wouldnt be with him, if I didnt love him and he didnt please me in bed.
Exlibrismortis: send me a pic
Shanzi: I dont have one.
Exlibrismortis: why
Shanzi: You dont need a pic of me.
Exlibrismortis: why dont i
Shanzi: Why do you?
Exlibrismortis: like to wank over pics of women i chat to
Shanzi: There is no way I would give you a pic of me so you can get off on it.
Exlibrismortis: are u a prude
Exlibrismortis: fridged
Shanzi: No not all.

Exlibrismortis: well send me a pic of ur
Shanzi: No. I will not. I dont have one. Even if I did I still wouldn't send it to you.

(I ended transmission here.)