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Exlibrismortis: hi
Shanzi: Hi
Exlibrismortis: hi
Shanzi: I think we said that already.
Exlibrismortis: what u up 2
Shanzi: Nothing much, and you?
Exlibrismortis: just PLAYIN'
Shanzi: playin?
Exlibrismortis: guess
Shanzi: I dont know.
Shanzi: I am in a roleplaying chat.
Shanzi: You there?
Exlibrismortis: want to play with me
Shanzi: Play what?
Shanzi: What genre you like?
Exlibrismortis: bi slaves
Shanzi: bi slaves? What setting?
Exlibrismortis: medievil
Exlibrismortis: medievil
Shanzi: Medievil is fine, what system?
Shanzi: What rules and dice system are we using?
Exlibrismortis: no rules
Exlibrismortis: just no blood
Shanzi: How can you roleplay with no rules... that makes no sense.
Exlibrismortis: when ur the mistress of ur own kingdom u can have no rules if u want
Exlibrismortis: my minions dont talk back
Shanzi: What race are you? Elf, Tiefling, golem?? What dice system are we using?
Exlibrismortis: we arnt playing dungeons and dragons we are fucking for real
Shanzi: I thought we were gonna roleplay?
Exlibrismortis: can play elf if u wish
Shanzi: But what dice system?
Exlibrismortis: 20 sided
Exlibrismortis: plenty of options
Shanzi: cool. What kinda adventure is this gonna be?
Exlibrismortis: what race u be
Shanzi: werewolf
Shanzi: Where do we start?
Exlibrismortis: obvious on the night of a full moon
Exlibrismortis: we start in the forest
Shanzi: ok
Exlibrismortis: you r walking through the forest
Shanzi: I am walking through the forest, looking around, sniffing the air.
Exlibrismortis: when you here a sound to your left
Shanzi: *truns to her left and listens, growling quietly*
Exlibrismortis: you look to se what looks like a young girl, naked, oblivious to her surroundings
Shanzi: *just stands looking at the girl*
Exlibrismortis: she is rubbing her hands sensually over her body
Exlibrismortis: you feel a confusion
Shanzi: Hey I thought we're gonna roleplay? Not sex play! I aint into that, at least not on line.
Exlibrismortis: keep with it
Exlibrismortis: dont know whether to eat her or watch the eriticism
Exlibrismortis: role dice
Shanzi: I am sorry, I dont do that. I get all the sex I can handle from my husband irl and not online. People like you make me sick! You give real 'rolepayers' a bad name. Please dont waste anymore of my time.

Exlibrismortis: yu need to expand your role playing - especially when u don't know what is to come
Exlibrismortis: role dice
Exlibrismortis: 1-10 you are mesmorised
Exlibrismortis: 11-20 you see the truth
Shanzi: Oh I expand my roleplaying just fine without sex. Go find somebody else just as sad and lonely as you are that has to get it online cause they cant get any in real life.
Exlibrismortis: I have been involved with role playing senarios for the past 18 years, and if you cant handdle the sexual with the agressive then you are neither
Exlibrismortis: a true role
Exlibrismortis: player
Exlibrismortis: or
Exlibrismortis: true
Exlibrismortis: fantsist
Exlibrismortis: so you
Exlibrismortis: are
Exlibrismortis: WASTING
Exlibrismortis: MY
Exlibrismortis: TIME
Shanzi: My husband has been roleplaying for 13 years and doesnt need to include sex in gaming, neither do I. You are very sad individual.
Shanzi: I remember you now! You came to me before. Said the same thing. How very sad. I just dont need to roleplay that includes sex.
Exlibrismortis: I have never played with u before. If I had I would have rememered such an anally retentive bitch as u
Shanzi: Oh yes you have, want proof?
Exlibrismortis: ok
Shanzi: Exlibrismortis: onlyteasing u
Exlibrismortis: oram i
Shanzi: What did you wanna talk about?
Exlibrismortis: u
Exlibrismortis: whatturns u on
Shanzi: My husband.
Exlibrismortis: whatshe like
Shanzi: Why do you wanna know?
Exlibrismortis: ugot a pic of his cock
Shanzi: Why would Ishow you a pic of his cock? That is something I dont share with anybody.
Exlibrismortis: showme ur pussy then
Shanzi: Why?
Shanzi: Thats just part of it.
Exlibrismortis: you said you you wanted a role play
Shanzi: Yes roleplay not sex play.
Exlibrismortis: what was ur other e-mail address
Shanzi: I have only the one email addy.
Exlibrismortis: bullshit
Exlibrismortis: I have record of aol
Exlibrismortis: send pic for conformation
Shanzi: So what? I have only the one email, you can think what you like.
Shanzi: I dont have to send anything.
Exlibrismortis: or send mine back, as if I have talked 2 u , will have a pic of me
Shanzi: You never sent me a pic. I have the proof that you talked to me, i just showed you.
Exlibrismortis: I use this as a secucity messure, so no pic FUCK OFF
Shanzi: Your so funny!
Shanzi: How sad you cant admit that you have talked to me before.

End of conversation, she never did admit talking to me either.