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Greggraves1982: morning
Auto response from MassassiC: I'm not here, but my computer is. Please feel free to keep it company until I get back. 
MassassiC: Morning 
Greggraves1982: whats up 
MassassiC: Just waking up 
Greggraves1982: must be good lol 
MassassiC: Not when you're working nights 
Greggraves1982: ah 
Greggraves1982: i c 
MassassiC: So why did you get in touch with me? 
Greggraves1982: just to chat

MassassiC: about? 
Greggraves1982: anything 
MassassiC: Such as? 
Greggraves1982: idk 
MassassiC: idk? 
Greggraves1982: i dont know 
MassassiC: well you did a search for something to find me. What was it? 
Greggraves1982: i foreget 
MassassiC: You forgot what you typed into the search box?! 
Greggraves1982: yes 
MassassiC: Well the usual one that people try is the "roleplaying" one 
Greggraves1982: ok u wanna

MassassiC: Sure, what system? 
Greggraves1982: what in the mood 4 
Greggraves1982: you

MassassiC: Well at the moment I'm working on a Planescape adventure, so something fantasy I suppose 
Greggraves1982: like 
MassassiC: *shrugs* you're the one who suggested. What would you like? 
Greggraves1982: ok 
Greggraves1982: how about a landscpaer and a customer 
MassassiC: What setting? 
Greggraves1982: me workin on ur lawn 
MassassiC: Kinda like the start of "The Lawnmower Man"? 
Greggraves1982: never seen it 
MassassiC: Nice cyberpunkian movie 
Greggraves1982: kewl 
Greggraves1982: but just a normal hard day of landscaping 
MassassiC: So where is this plot going to lead? Sounds a little mundane 
Greggraves1982: what u mean 
MassassiC: Well what's going to happen during/after the "landscaping"? 
Greggraves1982: i dont undrestand what u saying 
MassassiC: It's a fairly simple question. Where is this leading? 
Greggraves1982: u hired me to do ur lawn 
MassassiC: And then what? 
Greggraves1982: it leads into something more then that 
MassassiC: Such as.....? 
Greggraves1982: making out 
MassassiC: *blinks* Let me get this straight.... you're talking about sex-play, not roleplaying. Am I right? 
Greggraves1982: is that what u meant when u meant roleplay 
MassassiC: I meant roleplaying... a billion-dollar industry that owns the licenses to produce games based on things like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars 
Greggraves1982: ok 
MassassiC: Have you ever actually done a Google for "roleplaying"? It may enlighten you to the true meaning of the word! 
Greggraves1982: no i havent 
MassassiC: Then maybe you should before approaching people. Google can save you a lot of embarresment and "face" 
Greggraves1982: true 
MassassiC: And hopefully you can act your age instead of just the last digit in your age 
Greggraves1982: ok