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JMoore5154: hi
Shanzi: Hi
JMoore5154: age
Shanzi: 32

JMoore5154: I'm 28
Shanzi: cool
JMoore5154: what roles do you like to play
Shanzi: Depends on the genre and settings.

JMoore5154: how about boss secretary
Shanzi: What do you mean?
JMoore5154: you are the secretary and I am your boss
Shanzi: Umm.... Why?
Shanzi: I usually play in a fantasy setting.

JMoore5154: explain
Shanzi: You know, like dragons, ogres, trolls and things.
JMoore5154: basically like you are a princess in a castle and I am your queen
Shanzi: Do you have dice?
Shanzi: Can't role-play without dice.
JMoore5154: no
JMoore5154: forget it then
JMoore5154: that is way too complicated
Shanzi: What kind role-play is talking about?
Shanzi: You there?
Shanzi: Did you think I was gonna cyber with you?
JMoore5154: no
Shanzi: Then why all the questions about bosses and the like?
Shanzi: You gonna answer my question or was I right about cybering and your too ashamed to admit I was right.

Message ends here, she never answered my question.