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Jyngxie: hey there baby girl
MassassiC: Baby?
Jyngxie: []
Jyngxie: just a lil pet name
MassassiC: And who are you?
Jyngxie: you wanna roleplay?
Jyngxie: 18/m/pic
MassassiC: What kind of pic? ;)
Jyngxie: g-rated
Jyngxie: still want it? []
MassassiC: Sure
Jyngxie: k, brb
Jyngxie: sent
MassassiC: Waiting for it to load...
Jyngxie: ok
MassassiC: So what roleplaying do you do? What settings?
Jyngxie: i leave that to you...i'm up for anything
MassassiC: Okay, do you know Planescape?
Jyngxie: i'm a fan of family myself...but anything you like will be kool
Jyngxie: ??
Jyngxie: nope
MassassiC: family?
MassassiC: Hello?
Jyngxie: hi
MassassiC: So what's family?
MassassiC: ??
Jyngxie: do i know u?
MassassiC: You were talking to me just a moment ago. You talked to me first
Jyngxie: no i didn't....i just got online so i guess it wasn't me......
Jyngxie: well, sorry for the mess.....
MassassiC: Well your profile is the same as previously
Jyngxie: what do u mean? have we talked before?
MassassiC: And I got a picture of you from your e-mail
MassassiC: "Jyngxie: hey there baby girl
MassassiC: Baby? "
MassassiC: That's how it started
Jyngxie: what? i don't even remember chatting with you? could you forward the picture i sent you..please?!
MassassiC: I sent it back to you
Jyngxie: thanks. sorry for the mix up.......
MassassiC: Mix up? How can it get mixed up that someone was using your account just a few moments ago? Who have you given your AIM account info to?
MassassiC: And who is in the picture?
Jyngxie: i don't know.....i don't even know who that guy is...hey, i'm a gal not a guy.....
MassassiC: And your profile says you are male, and not to mention that your style of writing is quite masculine
Jyngxie: huh?! did i email you a lot?
MassassiC: Ah, NOW your profile has changed after I mentioned it was still male!
Jyngxie: no....honestly, i don't know what you're talking about.......if things got mixed up, i apologize but i honestly don't know or remember emailing you....
MassassiC: How can you forget? You e-mailed me less than 5 minutes ago?!?!?!
Jyngxie: what did i say?
MassassiC: You can't remember?? Maybe you should either sort out changing your AOL password since you obviously told someone your info...
MassassiC: Or maybe just restrict who has access to your computer
Jyngxie: you think someone's messing up with my account?
MassassiC: Or maybe you are just backing out of trying to chat up a roleplayer who isn't sad enough to be into the sex thing?
Jyngxie: oh please.....spare me with the sex thing.....i'm as confused as you are!
MassassiC: Well either you or someone on your account decided that the only roleplaying that was of any interest was the sex kind
Jyngxie: okay, i'll check things out with aol......i'm really sorry for the mess......


(Talk about a real cop out, denying that he/she/it ever talked to Massassi)