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KBharaj: may i ask name and age
Auto response from MassassiC: I'm not here, but my computer is. Please feel free to keep it company until I get back. 
MassassiC: I dont give out my name, but the age is 25. Why? 
KBharaj: just asking hun 
KBharaj: where u from 
MassassiC: England, as I believe it says in my profile 
KBharaj: where in uk 
MassassiC: South Yorkshire 
KBharaj: i am from Swindon 
KBharaj: nice to meet ya My name is Kay 
MassassiC: I noticed 
MassassiC: You can call me Massassi 
KBharaj: Nice to meet ya Massassi 
MassassiC: :) 
KBharaj: nice name 
MassassiC: Thank you 
KBharaj: ;-)Welcome 
KBharaj: may i ask where u originalky from 
MassassiC: Wales 
KBharaj: thats nice 
KBharaj: so what do u do 
MassassiC: Technical Support for PCs 
KBharaj: really i ama comuter technician 
MassassiC: For who? 
KBharaj: i used to work for ZURICH but there over the budget at the mo 
KBharaj: but i also do a place called BCA 
MassassiC: BCA? 
KBharaj: yeah a german telemarketing company 
KBharaj: Brittania Music 
MassassiC: Oh right. I work for Packard Bell 
KBharaj: kool 
KBharaj: whats it like 
MassassiC: I've worked at better places 
KBharaj: really 
KBharaj: so Massassi may i ask what u look like please 
MassassiC: Long blonde hair, 5' 7" 
KBharaj: sound nice carry on...... 
MassassiC: Blue eyes... that's really about it 
KBharaj: sound nice real nice 
MassassiC: Thank you 
KBharaj: may i ask size 
MassassiC: I told you, 5' 7" 
KBharaj: welcome

KBharaj: i ment as in 8-10-12 etc 
MassassiC: Sounds like shoe sizes... 
KBharaj: lol i mean your body size 
MassassiC: Why do you want to know that? 
KBharaj: cloths size bust size etc 
MassassiC: I asked why do you want to know? 
KBharaj: so i can make a pic in my head of u ...hope u dont mind 
KBharaj: so i can picture you in my head 
MassassiC: Why do you want to do that? 
KBharaj: so i can put a pic to that sweet name 
MassassiC: Well you'll have to excuse me if I don't give you that information 
KBharaj: thats ok hunnie 
KBharaj: so what do u like doin... u single 
MassassiC: I'm involved, why? 
KBharaj: just asking sorry 
MassassiC: Why do you keep asking all these personal questions? 
KBharaj: sorry 
KBharaj: just feeling alittle horny 
MassassiC: Horny? I take it you can't get your kicks in real life so you try and force them on women online? 
KBharaj: hell no 
MassassiC: Then why start making moves on people like me? 
KBharaj: sorry 
KBharaj: bye u up tight babe 
MassassiC: And you'll be famous on a nice little page called A-Holes you sad little leaking sack of testosterone 
KBharaj: lol u bitch 
KBharaj: laters