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Miami Babe16:  hi

 Shanzi:  Hi

 Miami Babe16:  hi 

 Miami Babe16:  why is roleplay fun

 Shanzi:  It fun cause it is a way of reliving stress.

 Miami Babe16:  oh 

 Miami Babe16:  will u teach me

 Miami Babe16:  will u

 Shanzi:  I told you I cant teach you.

 Miami Babe16:  ok will u play with me 

 Miami Babe16:  i know a little

 Shanzi:  What you want to play then?

 Miami Babe16:  what are some thing you like

 Shanzi:  Cyberpunk, Planescape.

 Miami Babe16:  what that

 Shanzi:  Settings for roleplaying.

 Miami Babe16:  I GUESS

 Shanzi:  I thought you knew a little roleplaying.

 Miami Babe16:  i little 

 Miami Babe16:  a little

 Shanzi:  Ok what do you know about roleplaying?

 Miami Babe16:  to do what you tell me 

 Miami Babe16:  and type back

 Miami Babe16:  so will u 

 Shanzi:  Thats not any roleplaying I know of of.

 Miami Babe16:  i know teacher student 

 Shanzi:  Whats that?

 Miami Babe16:  roleplay

 Shanzi:  Thats not roleplay, how do you roll the dice?

 Miami Babe16:  what dice

 Shanzi:  You know the things that you find in boardgames.

 Shanzi:  Everybody knows what dice are

 Miami Babe16:  i know what there are

 Shanzi:  Then why did you say what dice? You cant roleplay without them.

 Miami Babe16:  i never play with tham

 Shanzi:  How can you roleplay without them?