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Miami Babe16:  hi

 SheWolfieXIII:  hi

 Miami Babe16:  hi what is roleplay fun

 SheWolfieXIII:  Sience Fiction,  Dungeons and Dragons.

 Miami Babe16:  what


 Miami Babe16:  what is it

 SheWolfieXIII:  What is what?

 Miami Babe16:  roleplay

 SheWolfieXIII:  Its pretending to be somebody that your not.

 Miami Babe16:  oh

 Miami Babe16:  do u like it

 SheWolfieXIII:  I wouldnt roleplay if I didnt like it.


 Miami Babe16:  oh

 Miami Babe16:  is it fun

 SheWolfieXIII:  Yes it fun, if you play with the right people.

 Miami Babe16:  will u teach me

 Miami Babe16:  u there

 SheWolfieXIII:  I cant teach you online, I dont have enough experience.

 Miami Babe16:  oh 

 Miami Babe16:  any pics

 SheWolfieXIII:  Pics?? What for?

 Miami Babe16:  pics

 SheWolfieXIII:  What are the pics for? I dont have a scanner.