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Oo8oV o8oO: vHi, I'm Jeff a photographer in L.A., I will be in your area in February. Woudl you like to get osme new photos for your portfolio? Do you have any pictures online I could see. 
MassassiC: And where is my area? 
Oo8oV o8oO: Near London 
MassassiC: Near as in the same country. 
Oo8oV o8oO: have any pictures? 
MassassiC: You're being very insistant about seeing pictures of me while "offering" me a photoshoot to get more pictures of myself 
Oo8oV o8oO: nevermind then 
MassassiC: Small tip - there are better ways of getting pictures of women than pretending you're a photographer that's going to "be in your area" 
Oo8oV o8oO: I am a photogrpaher, nevermind

That has got to be the worst pick-up line I have ever seen..