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RayPSure22: hello,im kathy 33 and marrrie and a mom and bi the ru ? 
SheWolfieXIII: I am fine. 
RayPSure22: hows your day going? 
SheWolfieXIII: My evening is going good.

RayPSure22: thats kathy..nic to meet you 
SheWolfieXIII: Nice to meet you too, any particular reason why you contacted me?

RayPSure22: im a bi female..i travle and looking for a friend..or friends 
SheWolfieXIII: and this has something to do with how? 
SheWolfieXIII: *with me how?

RayPSure22: are u bi? 
SheWolfieXIII: yes 
SheWolfieXIII: If you read my profile, you would know this already. 
RayPSure22: well,i found yourprofile in the member dirctry..i hope u dont mind? 
RayPSure22: well,the way u were asking me why i imed you i was scared i had the 
SheWolfieXIII: It shouldnt matter if your bi, should it? 
RayPSure22: didnt know if he knew about it or not..sorry..didnt mean to upset you? 
SheWolfieXIII: He's bi -curious anyway. 
SheWolfieXIII: Of course he knows I am bi. I keep nothing from him. 
SheWolfieXIII: Doesnt your husband know your bi? 
RayPSure22: why he loves it.but some woman dont tell their husbands here in usa 
SheWolfieXIII: Does he join in? 
RayPSure22: only if the other woman or i want him to.[]) sometims i need her all to myself 
SheWolfieXIII: I couldnt imagine sleeping with another person while being married. Marriage is a sacred thing shared with too people. 
SheWolfieXIII: *two people 
RayPSure22: but you are bi? and u dont sleep wity pthers? 
SheWolfieXIII: Not since I got married, no. if I see a woman that turns me on, I make love to my husband. 
RayPSure22: oh i c..well,you seem really much for me anyway..see ya 
SheWolfieXIII: Distressed, no, I was speaking the truth, too bad you couldnt handle it.