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ROSALISR: hi Shanzi, i've read your profile, and one of your hobbies is "roleplay", would you like to?
Shanzi: Do you have any dice?
ROSALISR: what do you want me to do with them?
Shanzi: First off what genre are we playing? Sci-fi pr fantasy?
ROSALISR: genre? and yes fantasy would be nice ;-)
ROSALISR: and how old are you agian?
Shanzi: Ok, what race are you? Are you dwarf, elven, vampire?
Shanzi: What does age have to do with it?
Shanzi: Oh and by the way the dice are for rolling attacks and damage.
Shanzi: You still wanna play?
Shanzi: Whats wrong?
ROSALISR: nothing really, just want to chat
Shanzi: really? I thought you wanted to roleplay.
ROSALISR: yeah but not that kind of roleplay
Shanzi: Oh I see. You wanted to 'sex' roleplay, you dont really wanna talk. I dont do the sex thing. I have a husband, and he gives me all the sex I need. I dont need to seek it online like some people. People who look for sex online really make me sick and needs to grow up and get a life.
Shanzi: People like that give real roleplayers a bad name.
ROSALISR: sorry if i offended you, didn't mean to sorry i was just looking for someone to talk to that's all
ROSALISR: i'm in new york and really lonely, please forgive me
Shanzi: I seriuosly doubt that you wanted to talk not with this opening line... "hi Shanzi, i've read your profile, and one of your hobbies is "roleplay", would you like to? "That alone tells me you wanted more than just talk.
ROSALISR: well like i said i'm sorry to offend, please forgive me
Shanzi: May be in time, but not now. Dont know why your worried about forgiveness when you dont even know me.
Shanzi: I dont have anymore time for this. Maybe next time when you see the word 'roleplay' you will think twice about it means, some people have lives and dont need to look for sex online...