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Sausandpot: r u a real bitch?
Shanzi: Why you wanna know, sometimes I can be... yes.

Sausandpot: a real bitch lol
Sausandpot: how are u?
Shanzi: Actually no I am not, I just really like the quote. Ok I guess.
Sausandpot: why not?
Sausandpot: i like it too lol
Sausandpot: so who are u and what are u into?
Shanzi: I am into roleplaying, amd my husband...

Sausandpot: is he there?
Shanzi: He's asleep, why are you asking?
Sausandpot: whats your role?
Shanzi: Depends on the character, the genre, and the system.

Sausandpot: good answer
Sausandpot: how do handcuffs grab you?
Shanzi: Handcuffs, what do they have to do with roleplaying?
Sausandpot: you need to ask ?
Shanzi: Umm yeah... we roleplay using dice.
Sausandpot: how?
Shanzi: Roleplay books have dice charts for damage rolls and skills checks.

Sausandpot: fuck that sounds complicated. what about sex?
Shanzi: What does sex have to do with roleplaying?
Sausandpot: r we on the same wavelength?
Shanzi: I am talking real roleplay. Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk, Planescape... not that sex crap, I have husband whom satisfies all my needs, I certainly dont need to look on line for it. You people give real roleplayers a bad name.
Sausandpot: sorry wrong planet xxx