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Suprpt16: u like role-play?
Shanzi: Depends....
Suprpt16: on what?
Shanzi: What kind.
Suprpt16: what's your favourite?
Shanzi: fantasy
Suprpt16: tell me about your character
Shanzi: Well she is 5'6 tiefling-succubus and she is a thief/adventurer.
Suprpt16: what is she wearing?
Suprpt16: where are we?
Shanzi: A leather halter top and leather pants. We're are in the Smouldering Bar.
Suprpt16: what's her name?
Shanzi: Shanzi Bloodstone.

Suprpt16: ok I walk into the bar, hi how are you doing?
Shanzi: *tails flickers back and forth*

"I am well, and you?"

Suprpt16: fine, can I buy you a drink?
Shanzi: "Sure, I'll have a firewine"

Suprpt16: ok, so are u here alone?
Shanzi: Usually if Wraith isn't around."
Suprpt16: Wraith?
Shanzi: He is kinda like my main squeeze.
Suprpt16: so I don't have a chance then?
Shanzi: Depends on what you wanna do.
Suprpt16: well, what will you let me do?
Shanzi: Well we could travel the Great Road and see where it takes us.
Suprpt16: ok, let's go
Shanzi: Do you live around here?
Suprpt16: yeah, why?
Shanzi: Are you clueless or a planar?
Suprpt16: what?
Shanzi: Are you from Sigil? Are you a primer?
Suprpt16: sigil, u?
Shanzi: I was born in Curst.
Suprpt16: ok, i lean over and pinch Ur ass gently
Shanzi: *her tail smacks you across your hand*
No touch!
Suprpt16: oh, why not?
Shanzi: I don't know you.
Shanzi: Why so quiet?
Suprpt16: im horny
Shanzi: Oh I am sorry I thought we were role-playing.

Shanzi: You're quiet again...
Suprpt16: I don't really like this roleplay, dont u have any others?
Shanzi: It's the only role-playing I do.

Suprpt16: its boring
Shanzi: Why is it boring?
Suprpt16: no action
Shanzi: What do you mean action?
Suprpt16: never mind
Shanzi: No please explain...

Suprpt16: sex
Shanzi: Sex isn't role-playing
Shanzi: I thought you wanted to role-play not sexplay. That's sad. You must lead a long and lonely life to want sex online.
Shanzi: You there?? that's where you go for real role-playing... next time maybe you think twice about the word 'role-play' that it just doesn't mean sex.