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SWOLF2299: could i interest you in some roleplay? 
MassassiC: Perhaps. How much experience have you got? 
SWOLF2299: alot baby...and you? 
MassassiC: about 13 years 
SWOLF2299: i have about 10...your age? 
MassassiC: 24, your age? 
SWOLF2299: 45 
MassassiC: You must have a different outlook on roleplaying than I do 
SWOLF2299: and that is? 
MassassiC: Well just from your age and experiences 
MassassiC: Hello? 
SWOLF2299: im here, i want sexual roleplay 
MassassiC: I see... so you have no interest at all in normal roleplaying then 
SWOLF2299: no 
MassassiC: Then I suggest you go find yourself a girlfriend IRL... I'm happily married and get all the sex I need without cybering 
MassassiC: It's people like you that give roleplaying a bad name