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Tilionfn: hi 
MassassiC: Hello 
Tilionfn: hi 
MassassiC: Hello 
Tilionfn: i'm tim 35 from mich. you? 
MassassiC: Everything is in my profile that I want to share with people 
Tilionfn: can i call you? 
MassassiC: Only if you want to make an overseas call 
Tilionfn: where to? 
MassassiC: England, and why would you want to phone a complete stranger? 
Tilionfn: we could have fun 
MassassiC: Fun? What kind of fun would be worth an overseas phone call? 
Tilionfn: fone sex 
MassassiC: Ah right, let me guess. You saw the Roleplaying comment in my profile and instantly thought it was about sex? Didn't you figure that other things in my profile like Planescape deserved a bit of research before you jumped to a rather sad conclusion? 
MassassiC: Are you that lonely and desperate that you want phone sex with someone on another continent? 
MassassiC: I must say that you are the lamest AIM user I have met yet who thought that roleplaying meant sexplay. 
MassassiC: Small tip. Since you are so desperate to get any sort of sex, maybe you should grow a brain and expand that. All the women I know prefer men with a brain instead of an overload of testosterone! 
Tilionfn: ouch that really hurts 
MassassiC: It's meant to with how you approached me! 
Tilionfn: i am very sorry 
Tilionfn: merry christmas 
MassassiC: Well maybe you ought to think that some women just aren't as sex-obsessed as you are! 
Tilionfn: you are so right 
MassassiC: It'd be a merrier christmas if men would stop thinking with their dicks! 
Tilionfn: i can't help it it's been a week 
Tilionfn: very sorry 
MassassiC: I'm surprised it hasn't been a year 
Tilionfn: low blow 
MassassiC: One which you deserved 
Tilionfn: i guess

And some people are just really sad...