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TomSmithxx: Hi
MassassiC: Yeah, roleplaying. Why?
TomSmithxx: enjoyable
MassassiC: I like it
TomSmithxx: preferences?
MassassiC: I like fantasy most of the time
MassassiC: What do you like?
TomSmithxx: are there particular roles or social situations that you enjoy?
MassassiC: I try to cover most situations... variety helps things go well []
TomSmithxx: most any social situations where people are free to express themselves ...
TomSmithxx: do you have special preferences?
MassassiC: Such as?
TomSmithxx: such as what you most enjoy
MassassiC: Well it's nice being the one running it all
TomSmithxx: at times, I find that some women most enjoy social situations like parties, pretending to meet casually ...
TomSmithxx: while thinking that I was actually influencing things, I often find that the woman is really in control ... (why should I be surprised?) ...
TomSmithxx: and you?
MassassiC: Sounds rather boring and unimaginative to me...
TomSmithxx: ... (hmm ... a woman who finds it boring for a woman to be in control ...and unimaginative for a woman to be in control while a man might superficially think that he was in control although it was obvious to every rational observer that he was not .... )
MassassiC: No, I meant the situation. Where's the roleplaying fun in that?
TomSmithxx: there is RP fun in most everything ...
MassassiC: But where's the over-arcing plot? The character development? The suspense?
TomSmithxx: often created as the rp situation unfolds
TomSmithxx: after all ...sexual situations have the background of all human existence ... n'est-ce pas?
MassassiC: But the ones you said didn't sound like they'd draw in the other players at all... as I said, kinda boring. I can see a campaign flopping right there and then with openings like that
TomSmithxx: are you not bilateral in your RP preferences? (LOL)
MassassiC: Right, so you are talking about sex, where I am talking about Roleplaying. The multi-million dollar industry that spawned from things like Lord of the Rings. Didn't you figure out that I was talking about something else or was your testosterone clouding your limited intelligence?
TomSmithxx: hardly
MassassiC: Well maybe you should take a look at and see what Real Roleplayers do (not the sex-obsessed ones)
TomSmithxx: but ... I do appreciate your having attributed to me a modest, perhaps sub-human, amount of intelligence ... (LMAO)
MassassiC: Well next time you see someone's profile listing Roleplaying, maybe you should see if it hints at sex anywhere else. It would save everyone involved a lot of time and effort.
TomSmithxx: hmm
very interesting observation ...
TomSmithxx: as if I did not imagine the possiblity of non-sexual RP ...
TomSmithxx: but remember
MassassiC: Exactly, now go look at that page and some others (and maybe even do a search on Google about roleplaying) to see what is out there
TomSmithxx: ... some women's sexuality is so pronounced that it permeates cyberian space and transcends all spatial and electronic barriers ...
MassassiC: Don't try to defend yourself with neo-hippy mumbo-jumbo. Why can't you accept there is more to the word roleplaying than just sex and learn from your mistakes?
TomSmithxx: and you, my dear, should put up a sexuality shield to prevent yours from escaping and performing like an alluring siren to entrap those of us too weak and too lacking in prescience to have placed wax in our cyberian ears ...
TomSmithxx: (and I thought that English women were so much more understanding and intellectually imaginative and social flexible ...)
MassassiC: My "sexual shield" (What planet did you evolve on?) was up to begin with. I was talking about roleplaying from the start and you were talking about sex. Now obviously you have sex on the brain with all this mumbo-jumbo you're waffling on about. Maybe you should seek therapy for your condition?
TomSmithxx: do you have a therapist to recommend?
(bet she gets a kickback)
MassassiC: How would I know American therapists? Small tip; you're on-line... use it for information gathering (which it was initially designed for) instead of sexual gratification.
TomSmithxx: (trying to make sense of this woman's comments ...)
MassassiC: If you can't make sense of that last little bit, then you definately do not have a functioning brain.
TomSmithxx: Cute:

<<Member Name: Massassi Cheralol
Location: England
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Something
Hobbies: Roleplaying, Computers, Reading, Writing, Directing, Planescape (See Roleplaying), 3D Modelling
Computers: PIII 450 Laptop, Athlon 750, P233 MMX, P100 DOS & NT4
Occupation: PC Engineer
Personal Quote: Even planars can be clueless>>
TomSmithxx: TRY to make sense of that ...
MassassiC: Yeah, do a search for Planescape in Google if you have a problem with that. 3D Modelling should be obvious (Think Quake or Toy Story)
TomSmithxx: and ...
perhaps you should consider a spell checker for your responses before you send them ...

BYE ...

(and she had such potential ...)
MassassiC: And perhaps you ought to think of using your brain before responding (and I use English spelling, not American, as well as having athritus and typing on a compressed keyboard) What excuse do you have?
TomSmithxx: definitely ... (both UK and US)
TomSmithxx: I have not excuses
TomSmithxx: merely desires that have been unfullfilled ...
TomSmithxx: (LOL)
MassassiC: Then that is a very sad state of affairs in your brain. Well next time you want your desires to be fulfilled, make sure your talking to someone who cares about pond scum like your sexually-obsessed self