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UKMJR: hi   Michael here from Southampton

Shanzi:   Hi

UKMJR: hi,  i saw u r in to roleplay

Shanzi:   yeah I am.

UKMJR: me too,   what sort do u like

Shanzi:   What kind do you think?

UKMJR: i mean do u have any favourite situations

Shanzi:   Oh yeah, three or four in a group.

UKMJR: go on

Shanzi:   and you have the GM who sets the mood and the background.


Shanzi:   Games Master.

UKMJR: i see

Shanzi:   What kind of roleplaye do you like?

UKMJR: more 1 on 1 really

UKMJR:                exhibitionism, voyeur that sort of thing

Shanzi:   Do you use dice when you role play, what genre do you like best?


UKMJR: just let it develop as it happens

Shanzi:   I see your talking about sex and I am talking about Dungeons and dragons... that is the only roleplay I do.

UKMJR: we are at crossed purposes then, my appologies


  It’s fun to tease them sometimes….