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Love and best wishes have stretched farther than I think we all realize, All the best Seumas! hold in there.....



Well Met,

Salem, I know you through a few mutual friends: Jennifer Walker (a
Live Journal acquaintance whom I recently met in person at Anthrocon) and
Jim Woods (he and I are friends, family, and share a Wiccan Tradition).

My name is Fran Wolfe-Johnson (known as TygerMoon Foxx on the internet)
and I wanted to send you well-wishes.  You have a lot of people actively
working for your safety, recovery, and well-being.  Jim spoke so highly
of you; I know you've been good to him and his little girl.  Between he
and I, you have the resources of an entire Tradition at your disposal.

I know you'll use that infamous stubbornness to your advantage; it will
get you through the tougher portions of your recovery.  You'll be in my
thoughts and prayers until such time as you completely recover.

You've got a long road ahead of you.  Rest, get well, and know that
we're out here, supporting you.

Best Wishes,

Fran Wolfe-Johnson (TygerMoon Foxx)
Freyja (she's my service dog)
and four pesky cats (supposed to be guardians and familiars but answer
to the name "glutton")

Hello, I'm Wabbit Californicus, and my husband Ursus and me would like to send you our best wishes for his quick and complete healing -- physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.  We are sending prayers and "feeding our fetish bowl" in the Native American tradition, with further prayers for him.

 We're in California

Hey Seumas  :)

 I'm Aerin, from Texas and I want to wish you the best health and happiness for the rest of your life. Stay strong and know we all love you!

Salem, kitty, my kin, and dear friend- you are one of my own, although
we have only met in furson once or twice I have grown very fond of
you over our online friendship. we kitties are tough and you have
many as well as other furs and others who are close watching over you-
when Darkie told me, by pure accident- supposedly it hurt so much
being out here in new Mexico without a way to help. I had an sca war
that I had planned to go to- almost didn't I was so worried. you got
to get through this- we love you. Cougar, our friend who came with
us, and so many others I have gathered to me to send strength and
hope your way. I wont Deny it- I'm Terrified right now but I refuse to
think ill lose another dear one. may the great ones watch over you
and keep your instinctive strength going when you need the extra push.
I really wish I was there to hold you to set by you- just be there-
more then in sprit- but I cant- at least not yet-  but hopefully
be through this before I get back to the green.


Kasumi (Tears_of_Pasht)

Hiya - Ostrich here. You'd prolly know me as Suri the Lemur from Spindizzy. We miss you there. Best wishes on your recovery.


    To a fellow cat whom I know only thru a friend and have never spoken with, I send my greetings and get well wishes. Even though you are a friend of a friend, being a cat, you feel like a part of a larger family than that of human society’s comprehension. Being a cat, your strength is great and your will is strong. I know that you will pull thru this. But sometimes one’s strength alone is not enough, so I here-by offer you my strength, as a cat, and as a dragon, for you to keep going.

The Lover With No One To Love

The Lonely Dragon

Colpin Cathar

Hang in there Salem! I send my prayers, my strength, and will to help you back to health quickly... I and your fellow furs want to see you up and fur suiting with the rest of us (I haven't seen your suit yet, at least I don't think so..) Anyway, get well soon...always remember you have many friends around you to pull you up when you fall... Best wishes,


Newport, OR

Salem, everyone at SpinDizzy muck misses you terribly, and we're all waiting for the day when we can see you back there again. You have all of our prayers and best wishes. Get well soon, Salem. The place isn't the same without you.


Greetings, Salem, and Merry Meet!

Should you now be reading all the wonderful thoughts and well wishes from all around the world, know that my prayers have been granted resonance by the Lord and Lady!

Heard on high, like so many others have been!  Yes, you have been receiving support, prayers, positive thoughts and love from all of us in cyber space!  May the God/dess grant you full recovery and better health than you had prior to the accident.  May the Mother hold you gently in Her arms, till She knows you can safely fly away to your  own time and space...and then may you truly be free! 

Blessings of the Goddess and the God, forever more...


Seumas, I ,also, have not met you, but your sister is part of our Gaia family. I will continue to send healing energies & love to you & your sister until she tells us you are up, about & getting into trouble! God/dess is holding you close.



You have friends around the world: friends who will be with you during your recovery, if not in body, then in spirit. Many of us know that the time ahead of you will be so very hard, but do not give up hope. We will be there for you, and we will do our best to help. You are asleep, for now, but we are around you. We worry for you, and hope that you will soon return to us once more. But for now rest well, and know that our thoughts are with you. *hugs* NimbleHeart Squirrel (New Zealand)

I don't Know Salem, but one day I might. Just recently I met some of his friends, and I found out about his condition. I really hope he pulls through this for everyone's sake. Rascal has been pretty worried, and I really feel for him. Us furs need all the love we can get, so I'm sending my love to Salem in hopes that he wakes up and is alright.

You can do it, Salem.


Krishna Defier


I just wanted you to know that we are all praying for you here in PA.  We are all thinking of you, especially today    (7-23-02) on your birthday.  Happy 24th!  Get better soon.  We have wedding to attend next year!  Beth and Andrew are going to need you in tip-top shape for the wedding.  We look forward to hearing your voice.  Get well, my friend.

--- Kim (Mothra) Kachurick

May Lilith's arms comfort you, and may her daughters heal you. All of my blessings and well wishes. Heal quickly and properly.

All my warmth,

       Haley, High Priestess of Lilithia sect VEK

Meep... Well, I'm Vermin. Salem knows me from FuzzyLogic MUCK... Do send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

May the Life Force of the Universe help and heal you to a speedy recovery.

Jica, the Ancient California

Salem, my dearest friend, not a day goes by when I am not thinking about you. And this was before your accident. Now my thoughts of you are filled with hope for a quick and full recovery.

Someday, I hope to be able to attend another convention, and I will need you with me again. It wouldn't be the same without you.

All of us on FuzzyLogic - the entire muck - are rootin' for you pal. We want you back! Get well soon!

Much Love
Riff Fox

Nacogdoches, Texas

This is from Morticon (Orlando, FL):

Get better, kitty! After all, the 'scary' evil wallaby isn't done with you yet! :)

*From within the shadows a figure steps. Lightning strikes the places where he steps. Upon clouds he floats, looking for the kitty. He smiles at him, lying there. As he does, he says,* "Lord Salem..... I do remember you... And I do wish that you were better. And I do hope you get better. Old friends are we.... And to see a friend in pain is one of the more hurting feelings in life." * A tear comes to his eyes.* "Yes, I remember you.... And my best wishes to you and your future, for one day we must meet again. Maybe soon." *With that the figure steps back into the shadows from whenst he came. As though on cue the winds begin to blow, speaking magically, "Salem, the great Dragons await your healing. Believe and they shall heal you... Hope is all you need."  Yet somewhere deep in your mind, the figure appears, "Oh, yeah, by the way... It is I, Lord Ratzalin von Donovich, Bat Mage and trusted friend..... Good luck old warrior, for I pray nightly for you.* 

~~Ratzalin von Donovich, Lord of Amethyst Keep AKA Thomas Sosby, Warrior of the Darkness

Dear Salem, July 28,2002

I have been thinking about you since the day I heard you got hit by the car. I've been praying over you like you couldn't imagine, every time of think of you which was often before, and is not constant. You are and always have been like a brother to me, I can't say older or younger, but I have always counted you as one of my closest friends. I'm sorry I am writing this so late and can only hope you receive it
in good timing. I have had a hard time putting into words the way I feel about your accident. I often wonder why in life it is the best people around that are hurt. Seumas, I've always looked up to you when it comes to being happy and making others feel needed and worthwhile. Your temperament makes you a very balanced person on a planet with few level headed people. I think often of us hanging out with Gyro, of my old beat up red Subaru that we drove around in. I often consider packing up and coming for a visit but now life has gotten so much more complicated that its hard to leave. I still owe you some Chinese food as I recall. I will make good on it I promise you, I can't say when but I will come and visit again and cook you homemade Chinese food. You've been a friend of mine for five years, I remember meeting you in person, I was a lil scared but your attitude quickly made me aware of what I was walking into.
*gryn* Anyways I'm writing you with my best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery and rehabilitation. I can only contact you from afar right now but I'll always be like a brother, by your side. When you decide to settle down and a smart girl snatches you up I plan on catering the wedding. I just wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about you and kept you in my prayers,

Thank you for being one of my closest friends,
Your brother,
Matthew Van Blaricom
A.K.A. Shade

Seumas, you are in my thoughts every day. Thank you for being a friend to my son, Tarka (you know who I mean). My dearest hope is that you make a full recovery.

Tarka's Mom in Southern Oregon

My eldest daughter turned 20 on July 16th, my heart goes out to you and yours.

Be well and strong in The Goddess.

So mote it be.

Tamara Lee Simpkins

Geneva, Ohio

aka : Una of the Great Lake Erie


*the bear and leopard gently hug Salem, sending him all their love to
help his body and spirit heal* Please take care of yourself, Salem,
and know that you have many friends who are here for you . . . and
love you.

You are in our thoughts and hearts . . .

Belic and K'gra