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Well let’s see… you want to know more about me, who I am and where I came from. . I was born in Curst, I never knew my real dad. Mom had numerous male “friends” so every week it seemed like I had a new “uncle”. Although they were good to us, they thought I didn’t know what was going on, I heard sounds at night, strange sounds. I learned at an early age what men were and what they wanted or so I thought. At the age of 14, I pulled my first trick and I liked it. I met this guy called Wraith. He is the love of my life. We met while I was pulling tricks in a tavern not far from where I lived at the time. I didn’t stay for long with Mother, but I will tell you about that later. 

I was spending more and more time with Wraith that I eventually left home and abandoned my friends, one of who has never forgiven me, feeling betrayed she now has become my enemy. I never knew her real name, everyone called her Yuggie cause she had thing for yugoloths. Not sure why she like them she just did. She was jealous of my time with Wraith. Last time I saw Yuggie she was 16 and started to develop, if you know what I mean. She couldn’t understand what Wraith saw in a scrawny little thing like me. But it wasn’t looks, I had personality that is what he liked besides he told me that wings and tails were very sexy. 

Back to Yuggie, her hair was blonde and cut real short, her eyes were blue and she wore a yugoloth claw around her neck that was a gift from me. I found it in a shop, but didn’t have enough jink to buy it so I used the five-finger discount and that was the beginning of my thieving career. I never saw my mother again after I moved in with Wraith. Growing up for was hard for me although I had friends, which made it tolerable. Even though Wraith is my one true love, and has been for 8 years now. I still pull tricks every now and then when I get bored or need extra jink. He would like me to settle down but I am not the type. I need to do things my way, that’s the way I have always been. We shared a shack behind the Black Rose Tavern. 

One day I was with Wraith in the Black Rose, I was minding my own business when some berk started making foul comments about my tail, saying I wasn’t much better than a Slaard. Well I wasn’t going to stand there and be insulted by this twonk since Wraith was off doing something, said he wouldn’t be gone but a few minutes. So I hissed as I turned to face him, and pulled out a dagger, before I could strike I felt something strike my back. Instinctively my tail lashed out like a whip. I don’t know whom I hit, but somebody screamed bloody murder. I held my dagger tight, still glaring at the berk, and then I extended my wings to keep back the small crowd that had gathered. My adversary and I circled, never taking our eyes off one another. I turned and saw Wraith pushing his way through the crowd and drawing his sword, Wraith is 6’9”, and weighs near enough to 300lbs with black long black hair that is usually kept in a pony tail, his body is covered with fine fur and the stripes of a tiger. When you see this man running towards you, you damn well better step aside or he will go right through you. I could hear the barkeep yelling at us to take it outside, as I flapped my wings so no one else could interfere, I spun around and lashed out at the berk with my tail just as Wraith reached me and grabbed my hand, he led the way through the crowd and out the door we heard people yelling not to come back again. After we got a safe distance away I told Wraith what happened. I apologised to Wraith but he said not worry about it cause he didn’t expect me to sit there and do nothing. We walked to an abandoned building where Wraith wanted to start a wares shop, we pried open the door; I decided to go back to the shack and gather our things and move them here. I flew away to our little shack only to find it a shambles; the berks from the tavern must have done this. I salvaged what I could, not that we had much to begin with. 

So for revenge on what those berks did, I set the tavern a blaze with some flammable liquid that I couldn’t remember what it was called. Anyway with that done, I went back to Wraith but hadn’t told him what I had done. Luckily for us they didn’t find our jink wrapped in a leather bag and stashed in a heart that we were to have for supper. We ate the heart; both of us were exhausted and didn’t feel like messing around so we got ready for bed, we decided to sleep at the back of the room. I took our bag of jink and placed it under a skull of some kind by the back entrance, when a purple glow appeared by the door, I screamed for Wraith to come take a look at this glowing light. I took a stone and tossed it in, it disappeared. So when Wraith stood by me I asked him what should we do but before he answered, we were sucked in and just before we vanished into the unknown, I grabbed the bag of jink.
We came out of this portal in another place, not sure where we are but we’re alive and together. Later on to find out that we arrived in Sigil. Wraith has opened a weapons shop called Bloodstone’s Wares and Blacksmiths.