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She~Wolf Carver Fett

Out from behind the bushes pads a beautiful black wolf. Her golden eyes look you over as she sniffs the air catching your scent, deciding you pose no harm to her or the other creatures that inhabit her landscape. As you look around, you see snow for it is winter here on the Hidden Forest. She watches you in haunting silence, then sits down and speaks, "My name is She~Wolf, welcome to my Forest. It is quite a sight. I trust that you leave it in the condition you found it in. If you get hungry or thirsty just follow the line of trees to the south about a mile up. There you will find a tavern called The Keep. I must warn you though. You will find more unusual beings there than just a talking wolf. You may not even make it out alive. I see you feel rather uncomfortable listening to a wolf talk, if you stay here for a second I will be right back"


The wolf stands and turns padding off behind some trees. A moment or two later, a deeply cast shadow a figure appears. A tall, shapely, buxom form looms within the darkness for awhile. Watching – waiting. As the shadow moves she steps into view. At first glance her appearance is striking, but as one begins to look more closely they can see there is definitely much more. Several tattoos adorn her body… One tattoo on her right breast is the  Ventrue clan symbol on the back of her right shoulder. The last is 'XIII' over her heart, which symbolizes her heart belongs to RedXIII. Her ears are pierced, her nose and tongue are as well, she also wears a small medicine bag around her neck from which hangs a sliver charm of a wolf head. Violet eyes slowly survey her that are so befitting her werewolf/vampire heritage. Blood of the Ventrue/Gangrel flow within her. The surroundings, her long black hair falls loosely over her back, cradled between her very large black bat-wings. Determining her race might possibly be a greater challenge than one could imagine… She moves with an air of grace, awareness, beauty and danger. she always wears rather revealing clothes that sometimes fits to her body like a glove, enhancing her beauty. As she smiles a flash from her silver tipped fangs catch your eye and draw you into her prey.

"Now then is this better, are you comfortable now? Hey wait! Why are you leaving? Come back! I wont bite! Well if you must go, follow the tree line... or you can click on the links below to see some of my favorite hang-outs.." She sighs as her guest runs off in quite a hurry, "I lose more people that way".

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