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Well being you were my best man, it's only fitting that I be the first one
to post on this page...
I may have only met you once in real life, but you made such a great impact
to both me and your sister by giving us your blessings... now it's time to
return that goodwill by wishing you a speedy recovery *HUGS*

Gavin  Irving-Jones

Dear Seumas,

  May Great Spirit grant you a speedy recovery, it will be a long and hard journey but with the support shown here on this web page and your family, you can do it.  You have got people all around the world praying for you, light candles and sending you healing energies.  I love you, Kiddo.  Happy Birthday too!!

 "Washing some fish and washing some fish, I'm a raccoon. Yay!"

  Your big sis, Rosey

  Shanzi and Jango Fffftt both say “Meow meow, purr, meow meow”  

                                         (translation: We send get well wishes too)                                    

To my little bro, who will always be very dear to me. We've been through a lot together, and I know you're going to pull through. I can't wait until the time comes when you get better and start making crude jokes about your injuries like you did the first time. You still have to come out here, bro, I miss you. I love you, and Godspeed your recovery.

Your big Bro,

Andrew "Jedahl" Irving

Hey, Seumas, I know we've only talked on the phone and online, thus far, but I think we know each other pretty well, all the same.  When you get better, we'll have to make arrangements for us to come visit and vice versa, cause I have to see your new kitty!  Plus, you're going to be the best man at our wedding, so you have to get better for that too.  I love you, hon, so get better.  All thoughts and prayers are with you, sweetie, gods be with you and watch over you.

Love always,

Beth "Harmony" Zimmerman

May the Higher Power grant you healing as we pray. "Mitakuye Oyasin" ~ Lakota belief that we are all interconnected and interdependent, and with the earth and sky and all things ~ "All my relations"


Courage comes from deep within.
Patience from your heart.
Strength is drawn from those you love.
Hope blossoms from the smallest bud.
Live each day with hope.
Miracles happen slowly,
they happen hour-by-hour, day-by-day.
The waiting can't be over all at once.
But out of the blackest night comes day
Just wait for the dawn.



Dear Seumas, You're in God's hands and we don't know what His will is for you, but I keep praying for your healing. You have a lot of people pulling and praying for you. Hang in there! We love you and you have always been very special to us! 

~Donna & Wiley

Just like the others, who know Rosey online, I don't personally know you.Hopefully, though, I'm not too out of place here either.

But, I hope that you will get better soon. You're in my prayers, as with many people.
Get well soon, and good luck! :)
Daisuke Fox, aka A. Walker

Seumas... when finally you are able to read this, I'm expecting you to get your backside online and meet us all! *laughs* Recovery's a shit deal at times, and no-one is underestimating how hard and long that road can be. But when you start to walk upon it, we'll all be behind you, too. Promise. Thinking of you all at this difficult time, 

Lou and Larry.

To our dear, precious and gentle friend, Seumas ... Today, July 23, you are 24 years young, and we're praying that you have many more birthdays to celebrate in good health. We love you and miss you!

 ~Donna & Wiley

Dear Seumas, You are our very special friend and we want you to get well.

 Love, Fluffy & Mahlee

Hey Seumas! ^.^ You dun' know me, but that's okay! 'Cuz truthfully you're better off. ^.~ In spite of all that, I still wish you a speedy recovery. Rosey's a good friend, and if she says you're cool, then you're cool. >^.^< So ya' gotta' get better! And I'm gonna' help you and Rosey anyway I can. ^.^ Anyway, well wishes and that good shtuff, and hopefully better times to come.
"Now if I could just get She~Woofles to stop chewing on Justy's white chocolate flavored ass. ^.~"

I don't know you, personally. But I know you are Rosey's family, therefore like family to me. I hope that God, and whoever else may be out there, gives you a speedy recovery and a happy life. I'll keep your family and you in my prays and wishes. Good luck, and God bless.


Like other people you'll be hearing from, you don't know me at all. Which is my lose, no doubt. But you're family to a friend, and so I don't feel too out of place writing this. I told Rosey that I wished there was something, anything, that I could do to help, but unfortunately there isn't. So instead I just give you all my hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon.

B'o'C aka Hassan Chaudhri

Dear Seumas:
I am a  cyber friend of Donna and Wiley's.  She told me about your accident.
Please know that we are praying for you.
Please hang in there and have a speedy recovery.  With prayers all things 

Cyber friends from Knoxville, Tennessee
Delores and David

Just sending best wishes to Seumas and his loving sister.  Remember Rosey, don't forget to take care of YOU, or he's gonna be mad when he gets better.  Love both of you bunches and everyone's in our prayers in NY, and, if it helps, in Hong Kong.  *HUGS*

Cattie, and her Blackhearts.

Salem, My strongest prayers and brightest wishes for your speedy recovery and well being. Blessed Be!

Caroline Tigeress

Much healing energy sent your way!

Starr Indiana


Healing energy from my heart to yours.  God/dess bless and keep you in their palm, safe, warm and free from pain until you return to us...It is so!


Hey Hun. *huggles* I hope when you get this that you're feeling a lot better. I wish I could be there to give little hugs whereas you must be hurting a lot but remember that I'm thinking of you and that you have a new friend waiting in the wings to make sure you're okay. You get better soon and let me know that you're gonna be okay. This always have a funny way of turning out for the best. Get well soon and best wishes from over here in Canada.
Lots of Love
Angela "Menexis" White

Hi Seumas my names Wkd_AngelJ I’m in New Jersey and praying for your recoveryJ  I want you to know your Sister and a WHOLE LOT of people are lighting candles and praying for youJ ((((GREAT BIGG HUGG))))


Well, I do not know you very well, but I know your sister and she means a great deal to me. I hope you get better soon, and I shall add my prayers to the list of others. I hope to meet you one day.

 Jeremy AKA Necrodaemon AKA Daemon

Well, just like some of the others, you do not know me. I am friends with Rosey though, and that being as it is, That makes your getting well again somewhat important to me as well. I have best hopes and wishes for your recovery, and fully expect it...especially if you are anything like your sister. You will get through this, and come back even stronger. Again, best wishes and hopes for your full recovery. Oh, and Rosey, you need to take care of yourself too, or like someone else said so eloquently, he'll be mad. Take care, and I know deep inside that this will all pass, and everything will go back to normal again soon.


Sian, AKA: Playerthingamacallit

Come on you strong cat... us felines gotta stick together! You will get through this and be stronger than ever! We have never met, but I have known about you for the few years I have been in the fandom. I am just sending my well wishes to you and sending my strength to you to help you get through this. Get well soon, my friend.

 -The Winged White Tiger, Diadexxus aka Jennifer Walker

I hope you make a speedy recovery!!


Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers go with him and the rest of the family.



Our   thoughts and prayers are with you Salem, get well.

from Pete freeman

James Batchelor

Brad Woodyard

Chris Robb

 Erik Taylor

in Ohio

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